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Does anyone remember that time on Star Trek: TNG when Data played poker with Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking?Soooo I just watched the new Star Trek movie and of course it plunged me right back into my Chekov obsession. RPG Review: Star Trek Adventures | Shut Up & Sit Down Star Trek: The Next Generation is more deeply rooted in my nerdy American psyche than pumpkinIn other words, we’ve been enjoying a good old-fashioned Star Trek time, though without the need anyCharacter creation is wonderfully open, closer to Tales from the Loop than Dungeons & Dragons. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ aired a time-loop episode—and it was… In most time-loop stories, only one character recognizes they’re trapped in Groundhog Day. Here it’s Lt. Stamets, who has a hard time persuading people(It’s amusing to see the contrast between this and Lorca’s cavalier attitude to the tardigrade, a similarly rare species. But what is Star Trek, if not a...

Episode 7's time-loop rom-com storyline was a perfect blend of classic Trek's humor, and the new era of 'Star Trek: Discovery'.

star trek time loop. 12 player public game completed on November 28th, 2012 259 0 1 hr.Star Trek visits an active volcano. Star Trek Poker by millenium-night on DeviantArt Although most people don't know it, I'm actually a big TNG fan, my favourite character of the series being Data (he's the android with the cat at the far right, if you don't know) Oddly enough, I never drew him besides this one time. This was something we had to draw for school last year.

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While playing poker with Riker, Data and Worf, a strange feeling of déjà vu helps Dr. Crusher successfully call Riker's bluff. She is then summoned to sickbay to examine a dizzy Geordi, and once again experiences this sensation. Cause and Effect (episode) | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by ... "Being trapped in a time loop is one I've never seen before." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages) The time loop plot of the episode is often compared to the film Groundhog Day; although that film is often thought of as the prototypical time loop story, it was actually released in 1993, the year after "Cause and Effect" aired.

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Cause and Effect ( Star Trek: The Next Generation) Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the crew of the Federation starship Enterprise. In this episode, the Enterprise is caught in a time loop which results in the destruction of the ship and the loss of all hands after a collision with the USS Bozeman.