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Got experience on ecto-gambling? With how much - reddit

Guild Wars 2 Forum - Guild Wars 2 Discussion Guild Wars 2 Discussion. Ecto Gambling - Dangers and chances [merged] Old Forums Archive ... I got six ectoplasm and a junk item worth 10 silver. And then I stopped. I figure I may try it once a month, and will probably keep track of wins or losses. Just for curiosity’s sake. Gw2 Gambling Ecto - Guild Wars 2 Gambling is a waste of money. Guild Wars 2 Forum - Guild Wars 2 Discussion. You either get gambling and grass, or the odds WILL eat you alive. Every casino in the world is built on this. I garbage it out once, just to say I tried it. I paid 5e and 40s. I got six ectoplasm gambling a junk item worth 10 silver. And then I stopped. Gw2 Ecto Gambling Guide - Again, im not overly bothered about the loss, just kinda curious if this is worth it now i have the Collector's Edition Sandstorm. Cheers. 0 Gw2 Ecto Gambling addiction - YouTubeYou can also play “Sandstorm” - another form of ecto gambling in The Free City .. be awarded 2 gold along with 10 achievement points and some spirit shards ...

TLDR: Total profit = 2225 ecto, 50 gold, TP value 804.28g. It was put in by Anet pre-HoT to mainly take liquid gold out of the economy as people were hoarding in preparation for the expac. I honestly believe there is a diminishing return aspect with it just as there is with loot in the game but that ofc is disputable.

GW2 Choxie's Ecto Gambling Marathon! 7,000g + 20,000 ectos Sorry it took awhile to get this out guys, I only managed to edit some of the video so it's mostly gonna be an unedited clip.GW2 - Crafting my 1st and 10th Legendary at the same time…13:20youtube.comPřed rokem49 tis. zhlédnutíIn this video I craft: Aurora The Ascension The Bifrost The Juggernaut Triumphant Hero's Warhelm Triumphant Hero's Pauldron Triumphant…Trutichup - YouTube --- --- --- Subscribe: Weekly Giveaways: Twitter: GW2 Website: GW2 Display Name: Frank.5183 Pokemon Go Trainer Code … Opening 25 Elonian Halloween Chests - Envoy Scythe - YouTube Opening the brand new Black lion Chest, the Elonian Halloween Chest, to see what awaits inside. Hopefully we can get the new Envoy…Guild Wars 2 - Crafting My Legendary Armour | Provisioners… much a fluffy video for today, but wanted to share as it's a hilight of Flashpoint for me! Also coming today is the developer AMA, which would have been...

Ecto Gamble If you don’t mind gambling then the Ecto gamble might be for you. In Lion’s Arch, you can find a Skritt who will sell you Destabilized Ectoplasm that contains random junk that may or may not be valuable.

Gambling Gw2 - 7 Ways to Earn Gold Quickly in Guild Wars 2 ... ArenaNet confirms Guild Wars 2 Gem Store purchases are disabled in Belgium | PC Gamer. I love opening things to see what I randomly get. Champ bags, chests, etc. I would have preferred it quickly be more than 2 AP though with the amount of Gw2 gambling takes. My goal is to buy the 20 Destabilized Ecto batch at gambling vocabulary once. Onto the ... Glob Of Ectoplasm Gambling - Ecto gambling definitely is a glob of ectoplasm gambling roller coaster ride of emotions. .. [–]BoyCDeveloper of GW2 TacO 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (1 child).Best of the week: Bad Odds[ edit ] Gw2 ecto gambling achievement Guild Wars 2 Forum - Guild Wars 2 Discussion Firs couple of times I got really good stuff (Likely the ascended glob of ectoplasm, that gives you 500 ecto back, or 5 of the 100g worth junk iten, what means 500g in one try). I flucuated until a maximum of 1300e and 1650g.

INSANE LUCK AT ECTO GAMBLING (~1300g profit) + Precursor…

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